About ME

let me tell you about myself

More than just production

My name is Klemen Adamlje, I am an opera singer, sound engineer and videographer. I have been studying music since childhood. My professional way as a musician began at the Music Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia and later at the University for Music and performing arts Vienna.

Besides singing, I studied privately piano and cello. At the T-On Studio in Vienna, I completed my sound engineer education. My work as a videographer grew from experience, private lessons and online classes. In the past year, I invested in professional sound and video equipment, which allows me to do professional recordings. As a classical musician, I have a trained ear to produce high quality classical recordings, which is my primary area of work.

Passion and profession

The idea starting recording business was born during times of pandemic when artistic lives of young singers was transmitted into virtual world. As an opera singer, I decided to acquire all of the necessary technical knowledge to be able to record the opera voice in the purest form, and also provide high quality video. 

This idea got a lot of attention. I started with piano/voice recordings. My latest projects, include recording of full cast operas, classical concerts and live streams. For recording bigger projects like opera and concerts, I work with my team of camera operators and sound assistants. I am operating mainly as a mobile studio.

In the past year, I recorded 20 concerts, 4 opera productions, and over a 100 portrait videos for musicians.

Some of my bigger projects were, recording of the opera Don Giovanni in Schosstheater Schönbrunn Vienna, Charity concert for Ukraine, concert with the pianist Andrija Jovovic, and recording with tenor Ramón Vargas.