Klemen Studios

Vienna audio and video production

Young and motivated team stationed in Vienna. WE specialize in audio and video production,  providing live streams, studio recordings and more.

"Combining art with technical knowledge"

Portrait videos

portrait still

Video and audio production for competitions/auditions. There is only one camera without cuts permitted.

portrait dynamic

Video and audio production for competitions, auditions, social media, Homepage, YouTube etc. We use multiple cameras and cuts, to show the best phrases and camera angles

portrait audio

Audio production, for applications, CDs, Social media, Homepage, Youtube etc.


Young motivated team, ready to capture perfect moments of concerts and operas with high end microphones and cameras.


Young motivated team, ready to capture perfect moments of concerts, operas with high end microphones and cameras.

what customers say about us

Klemen is a very professional and trustworthy person. He knows his craft not only as a technician but also as a singer - so he is 100% aware of what it takes to create a good recording. At my online audition I was sure that there is nothing to worry about and I could simply concentrate on my singing. Very thankful for his work I would recommend him to every singer
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“Das Aufnahmeerlebnis mit Klemen war großartig. Sehr professionelle Person mit viel Wissen über Musik, Ton und Aufnahme. Es ist immer von Vorteil, wenn man mit so einem Menschen zusammenarbeitet, der einen versteht und seine Erwartungen immer übertrifft.”​

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"I have recorded with Klemen twice and am super satisfied with the results and the entire experience. Klemen has the ability to create a calming atmosphere on set and makes recording as stress-free as possible. What sets him apart from others is that during the recording, he does not sit there passively, but rather engages with the performer and breathes along with them, making the experience less isolating. I found this extremely helpful and it's the reason I want to come back. I also know I can count on top quality of sound and quick delivery. In the end, Klemen is just a kind human being and it's always a pleasure dealing with him. Absolutely recommend!"​
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